"Easy to Clean" Coating

Is your time too precious to constantly spend hours on cleaning? It can now be done faster and more ecologically, too!
We can also very easily protect your textiles from stubborn stains. 

Cleaned easily & quickly

Just imagine being able to clean your constantly heavily soiled surfaces in complete ease, without aggressive cleaning agents, and without a great deal of effort in the future. 
 Thanks to the "easy-to-clean" protect & clean coating. 
 Our "easy-to-clean" coatings for diverse surfaces are unique in terms of durability, processing, and environmental friendliness. 
 From the word go, they prevent dirt from adhering, and reduce abrasion on smooth surfaces and the formation of tread marks on flooring. These characteristics significantly reduce the effort needed for cleaning.  

Application areas

Solid floor coverings

Metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)

Plastic and composite surfaces (perspex, HPL, etc.)

Painted surfaces

Glass & ceramic



Impregnation for fabrics, textiles, and leather

The benefits to you

Long-term effect and longevity

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Very high resistance to wear, abrasion, and signs of usage. 
Your material remains vapor diffusive despite the surface protection.
This intelligent surface finish ensures that you achieve optimal protection and extends the service life of your surfaces. 

Time and cost saving

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Less frequent and more efficient cleaning thanks to the "easy-to-clean" effect on coated surfaces.


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No aggressive or environmentally harmful cleaning agents are needed. 
The quantity of cleaning agent required is also reduced. 

Our Service

Appraisal on site and individual consulting 


Professional, thorough cleaning of the surfaces to be coated 

Uniform application of the coating by our expert staff 

A clear-cut combination:

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