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We have far more to offer than just outstanding cleaning agents and surface coatings. Together, we dedicate a great deal of energy and passion to thinking about the environment in order to create sustainable products.

Working together for the smallest possible ecological footprint

Protect what's important to you. 

 At protect & clean, we're delighted to help you.
 Our various surface coatings protect your materials and extend their life cycle. By achieving this, we want to contribute to doing away with one aspect of the "throwaway society."
 You need less - and above all - more gentle cleaning. Use the cleaning agents from protect & clean. They are 100% biological and particularly kind to the environment, since they involve cleaning agent concentrates.

Cleaning agent concentrates

Using our cleaning agent concentrates reduces the amount of packaging waste and the transport emissions that are produced.

The majority of ready-to-use cleaning agents consist mainly of water. We don't want to transport that unnecessarily, which is why we send you the concentrate. You can then mix the cleaning agent on site as required.

Individual mixing ratios

The individual mixing ratios enable a concentrate to be dosed for diverse degrees of soiling. This enables you to reduce the number of different cleaning agents to precisely what you need.

Environmentally-friendly refilling

The product is initially delivered in canisters. We subsequently supply you with cleaning agents in stand-up pouches. This reduces packaging waste by around 70%.